Sunday, July 27, 2008

we grieve with hope

I still remember what I felt when I first watched the video of Pastor Jon Courson memorializing his daughter, Jessie, after her death at the age of 16. I watched that man lift up the name of Jesus, and smile at the memory of his daughter, and comfort those who had come to comfort him. And what I felt was awe--awe at the God who could infuse that hurting man with strength, and give him the words that would direct our eyes in the only direction worth looking--toward heaven.

Today I was awed again. Pastor Greg Laurie stood at the same podium he's approached every Sunday since 1971, but he did so this morning with a grieving heart. He's had to let go of his son this week. Christopher Laurie is with Jesus today, no doubt forgetful of all earth's pain, and without any question fascinated by, riveted to, and caught up in the beauty of his Savior's face.

But his father still had to stand at that podium and speak his first words to the crowd that had gathered to grieve with him. And here's what he had to say.

I hope you'll watch today's service. And then, if you've never silenced life's noise long enough to hear and respond to the one and only question that matters, I hope you'll accept the invitation Christ holds out to you this very moment.

Today is a good day to secure your eternity.

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To view this morning's service at Harvest Christian Fellowship, click on the link that says: Previous Study - 2008-07-27.

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At 7/28/2008 8:49 AM, Blogger lady jane had this to say ...

My heart breaks for Christopher's family yet rejoices for he is with our Lord. So bittersweet. Thank you for the link - I'll share it on my blog, too.

Jane (longtime CC)


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