Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The washing machine is full, which would make sense at the end of a long trip except that so are both my suitcases.

My heart is full because I'm back in the place of green, where the sun has to go deep and crafty if it's to find a way through all those emerald boughs. Where it succeeds, bright speckles dot the lawn. Where it fails, dark shadows invite and tease. I'm sorely tempted to leave this leather office chair, descend the man-made steps inside and the God-made steps at the edge of my patio, and explore those living, green caverns.

It's good to be home.

But my head is full too. Flashes from the whirlwind intercept my normal, about-the-house wanderings. I lift the faucet to fill the tea kettle and I'm outside the sanctuary in Murrieta, staring at the burbling waters of a pool-filling fountain. I unsnap my briefcase and the moment my hand touches my recorder, I'm in the homes and offices and backyards of all my interviewees, listening to their love stories. I catch sight of Mittens racing herself across the patio, and I'm defying gravity and common sense along the Ortega Highway on the back of a friend's Harley, watching the blur of Scotch bloom at 90 miles an hour--and loving the sound of my freedom.

I hear music and see the morning star and remember laughter. I see the faces I came to appreciate and to love, and I find yet again that I long for heaven--where all is hello, and good-bye isn't worth a memory.

I've stories to tell. Some might find their way here. Most will find their way into my book. But every one has changed me in some way. I've been reminded once again of the vastness of God and the beauty of His sovereignty, the transforming touch of Jesus, and the sacred romance that whispers our name on every breeze.

Today I'm listening.

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At 6/25/2008 10:58 AM, Blogger Kari had this to say ...

So glad to know you are home again. It's been different without you here. I've seen new faces at church and wondered who there were and then thought, "if Shannon were here...she'd have already met them, found out all about them, and introduced us." I've missed you and your loving heart that knits our fellowship together.

At 6/25/2008 11:01 AM, Blogger Shannon had this to say ...

That's such a nice "welcome home," Kari--thank you. I've missed you all terribly. I'm just so glad tonight is Wednesday. I understand tonight the spaghetti will have that magic Kelly touch ... I can't wait!

Love you much :)

At 6/25/2008 12:01 PM, Anonymous Magalie had this to say ...

I can't wait for Heaven either...just to be with Jesus and all of our friends FOREVER! No more goodbyes or when can I see you again.

You are such a blessing to me. Praise the Lord for Ravlery! :)

At 6/25/2008 2:15 PM, Blogger Ginger had this to say ...

Shannon, I love that phrase, "where the sun has to go deep and crafty if it's to find a way through all those emerald bough." It's a joy to savor your writing. :)

At 6/25/2008 2:15 PM, Blogger Ginger had this to say ...

Oops. I meant "boughs." Plural. :)

At 6/25/2008 10:52 PM, Blogger *~Tey~* had this to say ...

everytime I read your posts I'm reminded why I love your blog so much. The way you write is magical. It puts pictures in my mind and makes me feel like I'm there in person.

At 6/26/2008 5:56 AM, Blogger Shannon had this to say ...

Magalie, it was such a joy to meet you in person. Thank you for making the drive up from Pomona. :) I'm also thankful that Ravelry brought us together. Hope you're doing well today.

Hi Ginger! I thought of you this year at the writers' conference. Maybe you can get back next year. How is college life?

Nice to see you, Tey :) And thank you for your nice words. I always like when you visit. Are you still living in Australia?

At 6/26/2008 7:40 AM, Blogger Cowboy Joe had this to say ...

Hello, just poppin in to say hello and send good wishes and hugs your way.

At 6/26/2008 9:03 AM, Blogger Shannon had this to say ...

Joe! I'm so glad to hear from you! I lost touch when you changed blogs and didn't know where to find you.

Happy Birthday! And congratulations on finding someone special. Did you get married?

Love the pic of your motorcycle. Though I haven't a clue what a "2008 Kawasaki Vulcan Cruiser 900" is, it sure looks pretty. :)

Hope to hear from you again soon.

At 6/26/2008 10:57 AM, Blogger Cora had this to say ...

Shannon - you don't know how wonderful it was to see your smiling face and receive that big huge hug! So glad you are home and SO looking forward to sitting with you more and hearing about your California adventure :)


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