Thursday, April 10, 2008

northwest christian writers renewal

Whenever I'm asked, "How do I get started writing?" my first response is always, "Attend a writers' conference." There's no substitute. Nothing else motivates you quite like these gatherings of writers, editors, publishers, and agents. A weekend in that kind of setting sends you home fluffed, nudged, and ready to scribble.

As it happens, there's a great (and affordable) conference on the near horizon. May 2-3 (for those of you in the Pacific Northwest or willing to travel here) the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal will be held in Bothell, Washington.

Cec Murphy, writer or co-author of over 100 books, including 90 Minutes in Heaven, will be our keynote speaker. I'll be teaching two workshops myself, one on "The Four Roles of a Writer" (in which we'll talk about right brain/left brain battles and how to make them work to your advantage); the other is "How To Get Personal Without Revealing Too Much."

I hope to meet some of you there!


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At 4/10/2008 11:22 AM, Blogger Kim had this to say ...

Oh, that would be so much fun! :) Do they sell audio cds of the sessions?

At 4/11/2008 10:29 AM, Anonymous Pam D. had this to say ...

Wish I could! If you're ever teaching at one near Grand Rapids MI, I'd be there! :)

At 4/11/2008 9:42 PM, Blogger Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience had this to say ...


At 4/22/2008 3:22 PM, Blogger Joanne had this to say ...


I found you through CWO. I too am a Calvary Chapel girl. I live in Northern California. Our church is pretty small and oh how I wish there were women there with the gift of writing to glean from.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to find you out here in the blogosphere.

I recently attended my very first writer's conference in February and am heading to North Carolina to a Speaker and Writers conference.

I would be very interested in purchasing your teachings on left/brain right/brain. I seem to have no problem getting the words on paper, only later when I have to get that paper sent out to the publishers. There seems to be a disconnect there.

Blessings to you and please for give my rambling...I was just so thrilled to find your blog. I will be back!


At 4/23/2008 9:43 AM, Blogger Shannon had this to say ...

Kim and Joanne, I'm sorry to say that the teaching sessions aren't recorded. At least they haven't been in the past. If something changes this year, I'll be sure to let you know!

Joanne, I'm always glad to meet another CC girl. :) And another writer! Please do come back and tell me about your N. Carolina conference. I haven't been to one there yet.

Pam, I haven't ever been to Michigan, but if you can get me an invite to something, I'll hop on a plane! :)

Ann, I'm so excited that you're coming to the conference! Just a week from tomorrow, can you believe it?


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