Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Along the trail I walk every day, tall trees line the paved path and witness my regiment. If they could do more than bend in response to the breeze, and whisper caresses against each other's boughs, they'd give me a "Good job!" now and then. "Keep going!" I imagine them saying. But whispers aside, the trees are silent.

The ceiling above, on these hour-plus walks, is an ever-changing palette. Mid-June's cobalt blue (that was for you, Cora :) will eventually give way to Pacific Northwest gray (which I adore).

Yesterday, my covering was blue. Deep blue. Blue like a promise. On my tar-blackened path, I walked--for the first 40 minutes--to the beat of Simply Red and Michael Buble; Five for Fighting, and a bit of Natasha Bedingfield. When I turned and began retracing my steps, though, I switched to a worship playlist and heard Brett Williams, Brenton Brown, and Matthew West.

I liked the first half of the trip; I loved the second. There's just as much talent in Christian music, but they have an added edge in that the lyrics connect with your spirit. I'm never sorry when I think to switch to that playlist.

About twenty minutes from home, the trees lining the trail break away to reveal a wide-open space. An endless queue of power lines and radio towers dot the rolling meadow, but if you can ignore those steel uglies, what captures your eyes is the sudden vastness of the sky. The sliver that snuck peeks at you through the treetops all the rest of the walk now shouts its presence. You have to look up. You have to draw in a bigger breath, for just that span of steps.

As I approached this opening in the trees, Third Day began singing, and I heard familiar words. But words I've heard--and sung--a hundred times before, deepened themselves into a God-thought. He timed the nudge I felt to switch to that playlist; timed the order of songs that played themselves into my ears; timed the moment those words would mingle and meld with the sight I saw above my head.

Your love oh Lord reaches to the heavens
Your faithfulness stretches to the sky
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountain
And Your justice flows like the oceans tides

And I will lift my voice to worship you my King
And I will find my strength in the shadow of Your wings

I heard the words, and I heard the truth behind them. His love, vast like the sky, presses down on me every second of every minute. It's not the elusive thing we think it to be. It covers the earth like a canopy, and there's no place where His love wasn't there first. It's the touch of wind against my cheek, the air that fills my lungs, the source of my heartbeat and my dreams.

In the face of such insistent passion, there's not much more you can do but cry. So I did.

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At 6/20/2007 8:11 AM, Blogger Cora had this to say ...

You know, I wouldn't mind the cobalt blue showing up a little more and sticking around a little longer. But as you said, it is all in God's timing.

At 6/20/2007 9:23 PM, Blogger Ann V.@HolyExperience had this to say ...

And in this neck of His world today, I listened to Fernando Ortega:

"This good day
It is a gift from You.
The world is turning in its place
because You made it to.
I lift my voice
To sing a song of praise
On this good day."

He turned the world so just for you...and from where I am on this spinning orb, I join you in praise.

I send love, Shannon...

At 6/25/2007 4:19 PM, Blogger Sharon had this to say ...

Loved this...Praise God we have cobalt blue skies here in Oregon today.Yippee!

At 6/29/2007 12:19 AM, Blogger Susan Kelly Skitt had this to say ...

His vastness is enormous, yet His touch is so personal.

Music has a way of bringing us to God's throne. Walking through His creation is a glimpse of His kingdom.

Thanks for your lovely post. It's an amazing experience to be moved to tears of joy, isn't it?

At 7/03/2007 5:00 PM, Blogger The Preacher's Wife had this to say ...

I too love my morning walks..I listen to everything from Selah to Toby Mac..:)

And the Third Day song you mentioned? The Medley which includes that chorus is what I have specifically asked to be my funeral music whether I am 36 or 96...Perfection..:)

At 7/05/2007 9:00 PM, Blogger Pasture Scott had this to say ...

Beautiful site, Shannon. Your writing is very inviting. Can't wait to show my wife (who is also a P.W.).

Bless you!


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