Saturday, May 19, 2007

sad news; glad news

It's best to say the sad things first. We lost one of the baby goats yesterday. The little thing just kept getting weaker and weaker. It didn't help that his mama wouldn't let him nurse, and actually kicked him every time he tried to get to her. He took a bottle from us eagerly at first, and then with a bit less enthusiasm, and then he just wouldn't take it at all. When he died, he was up in the house with us, lying on a soft cushion, covered up with Tera's favorite jacket.

I hope heaven has an endless, emerald pasture.

The glad news? My close friend, Sonya, opened a yarn shop this month and started a yarn-shop blog just this week. If you're crafty (and I don't mean wiley ... although she'd welcome you wiley ones, too), take a minute to go say hey.


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At 5/19/2007 11:23 AM, Blogger Ginger had this to say ...

So sorry about your baby goat. I would've cried buckets.

Hope all is going well for you, Shannon!

At 5/25/2007 5:50 AM, Blogger Deborah had this to say ...

sorry to hear that dolla.

At 5/28/2007 7:46 AM, Blogger The Preacher's Wife had this to say ...

So sorry about your goat...that is just heartbreaking..:(

But I am excited for you over that really cool looking yarn store! Looks like a knitter's heaven..:))


At 5/30/2007 6:07 AM, Blogger Susan Kelly Skitt had this to say ...

Sharon, I just have to say I always walk away encouraged after visiting your blog site. I hope you'll consider the invitation below as time allows.

I’ve chosen to “tag” you to participate in the “7 Random Fact” MeMe. Please feel no obligation to participate. I understand time is a precious commodity and family takes first precedence. If you chose to participate, you need to post “7 random facts” about yourself, include instructions, and pick “7” more blogging friends with their links. (If you don’t have blogging friends who’d want to join in, please post anyhow… I’d love to get to know you more!) If you choose to not participate, please know that I will NOT be offended. I enjoy visiting your site and hope you will feel free to continue to visit “Adventurous Living”. God Bless!

Susan Kelly Skitt

At 5/30/2007 7:19 AM, Blogger Susan Kelly Skitt had this to say ...

SHANNON - please forgive me for not typing your name correctly. I apologize and feel a bit foolish. Thanks for agreeing to play along.



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