Saturday, April 21, 2007

this moment

It's just a bowl of oatmeal. Scotch cut; nonfat milk; a hint of real maple syrup, added in a last-second burst of indulgence. The coffee is a tad on the cool side--enough to notice; not enough to drive me from this chair. But I ground it just seconds before it met my French press, and the smell, as it rises to my lips, is so potent I have to pause to draw it in deeper.

I'm conscious of the fact that when I go downstairs to heat this cup, I'll also have to deal with the stove, because while I sat upstairs in a posture of gone-away delight, listening to an old Billy Crockett CD (I so love Billy Crockett), that oatmeal boiled over and left a milky puddle beneath my burner.

I'm conscious, too, that in a moment, I'm going to have to forget this oatmeal, forget Billy, and turn my attention to the document hiding just beneath this blogger page. An editing deadline looms.

But in this moment, I need to look up. He's there ... and it's my turn to speak.

How often do You do this, Lord? How many uncaught hints do You send in an ordinary day?

It's just a bowl of oatmeal. But I'm aware of something sobering. He could have just given us Manna. He could have run the calculations, gone to the kitchen, and pulled out the one item that would keep our bodies blinking and breathing and crossing space. One flavor. One texture. Manna.

He could have skipped the whole notion of coffee beans.

He could have stopped just short of breathing rhythm into being ... and we wouldn't have known. Our lives would be stilled and silent. No soundtrack. No angst. No moments where we caught the heart of another in the lines between lyrics. We would have lived and died without once closing our eyes in a stark moment of connection and shared worship.

And we wouldn't have known. We wouldn't have known.

It's just a bowl of oatmeal. It's just coffee. It's just music.

Oh God, how You love us.

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At 4/21/2007 9:32 AM, Blogger Cora had this to say ...

Thanks for the wonderful reminder that God blesses us in so many ways. We tend to dwell on the big things, but we can find our blessings even in the every day things. Our God is so good to us!

At 4/23/2007 8:56 AM, Blogger Kelly had this to say ...

Wow! Billy Crockett! Now there's a name I haven't thought of in years. I think I have a tape of his collecting dust in the back of our entertainment center. (And the fact that it's a tape will tell you how long it's been since I've heard it.) Back in The Day, I loved his song "Portrait of Love." I head him sing it in concert when he came to our college, and I practically bawled my eyes out. And in public, no less.

Thanks for bringing Billy Crockett to mind. Thanks even more for this reminder that God showers us with good gifts everyday.

Thank you, Lord, for the sun outside my window, for the three-year-old eating breakfast in the next room, for lukewarm coffee to drink. For health, joy and - most of all - the gift of knowing You and watching You work. You are amazing.

At 4/23/2007 9:24 AM, Blogger Kelly Klepfer had this to say ...


And don't forget the eye candy - flowers, tropical fish - COLOR! How many variations of blue in the sky?

French press - sigh - it doesn't get much better. Mine cracked on Friday. : (.

At 4/25/2007 10:34 AM, Blogger shannon had this to say ...

Amen, Cora!

That's one of my favorite BC songs, too, Kelly. In fact, when I read your comment, I went right to iTunes and listened to it again. So great.

Hi Kelly K! You're right. We've got to add colors to the list.

Sorry about the French press ... but you know, they're not like dogs. You can run right out and buy a replacement--same day--and none of us will think you're heartless. :)


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