Thursday, April 05, 2007

calvary girls

What I didn't tell you, when I wrote last week's post, was that I managed to get the baby and myself in trouble during worship. From across the aisle, she reached for me. I reached back. We smiled, and wiggled our fingers toward each other. And she began giggling ... loudly. Well, look at her. You'd play with the child too. Her dad, Ian, actually turned her car seat around and put the hood up so she and I couldn't keep up our across-the-room conversation. But he shot a grin at me to soften the blow.

Last night, Alexia asked me to take her out of the car seat and carry her to my chair. Don't ask me how an eleven-month child verbalizes such longings. She just did.

When I told Ian what Alexia wanted, he smirked, but gave me his permission. And so, during the first three worship songs (before she got just a bit too happy and I was forced to take her to the nursery), I got to hold that warm, wiggly body and stroke that silky black hair. She rocked back and forth in time to Jeff's guitar strums. She reached for Dave's phone, clipped to the right side of his belt. She stared at my nose. She waved her hands at Sally and Hannah, sitting behind us. She played with her favorite toy, a plastic turkey leg. And she stole what little bit of my heart she hadn't already possessed.

While I was loving Alexia and thanking God He thought to make her, we sang an old favorite. The words couldn't have been more appropriate.

Father of lights
You delight in Your children
Father of lights
You delight in Your children
Every good and perfect gift comes from You
Father of lights

Sometimes, we have to get in touch with our own heartbeat before we can hear His. That baby isn't even mine, and yet I am completely delighted with her. I can't get enough of her tiny fingers, her soft little cheeks, and that contagious giggle. I think she's perfect.

And while I was thinking those thoughts and singing those words, God made me really hear them.

Father of lights
You delight in Your children

It made my heart lurch a bit to realize what He was telling me, because I know myself and I know I'm not as lovable as He thinks I am. But there it was. He's delighted with Alexia, and Sally, and Hannah ... and me.

Oh, how blessed we are to be His.


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At 4/06/2007 2:22 PM, Blogger Faerylandmom had this to say ...

I'll never forget the first moments I held my son, and realized the truth behind the words that God loves me like a father. It's humbling to know that His love never falters, even though mine does at times.


At 4/07/2007 9:46 AM, Blogger The Preacher's Wife had this to say ...

Those babies do so much to remind us of the simple love of the Father..I've always said babies can read true character so no wonder they reach for you! :))


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