Monday, March 06, 2006

rescue me

That Felix.

If he were a human boy, he'd be losing himself on hikes in the mountains, or falling into wells, or ever-working himself into creatively dangerous tight spots. But he's not human. He's a cat.

And so he shadows Dave like a bobcat, following him into the shed and out back to the wood pile, and down to the car that doesn't run anymore. When Dave opens the door and rummages in the glove compartment to find whatever he went looking for, Felix hatches a plan and motions to Mittens to follow his lead. They slip unnoticed into the back seat and press up against the darkness, pretending they've found themselves a cave. It's all great fun for twelve minutes, and then Felix thinks, Rescue me.

It takes Dave four days to narrow his search to that burgandy cave, but it's his hand that opens the door, finally. And after the desperate duo emerge and slurp their fill of water and eat themselves sick, it's Felix who plants himself at Dave's feet and licks a thank you on the hand that saved him.

On another day, he imagines himself a jaguar chasing prey across an African plain, and bounds his little black and white body across our front yard, eyes gleaming with hunt-thrill. When the imaginary prey takes a left at the end of the driveway and shoots up the cedar trunk, Felix follows ... and follows ... and follows, until the mirage disappears and he finds himself to be nothing more than a very lost, very un-jaguarish teenager cat--stuck in a tree. Rescue me, he thinks.

Dave hears. He calls and coaxes and climbs--the ladder, first, and then a dozen tree limbs. Felix is content--purrfectly so, actually--to ride a humble descent in the folds of Dave's jacket. He's content to be carried into the house, and petted, and eased to a carpet spot in front of a mellow fire.

And Dave, I notice, is content to watch the object of his rescue. When he stokes the fire, he strokes the cat. When Felix turns occasionally to check if he's still there, Dave smiles and speaks his name in a tender voice. I watch the encounter, and watch the way Dave's eyes return again and again to that warming black blob on the floor, and I have to wonder.

Was this how you felt, Lord, when you rescued me?

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At 3/06/2006 10:13 AM, Anonymous Pam D. had this to say ...

One line of this leapt out at me --that your husband looked at the cat and "spoke his name tenderly." It reminds me of something the Lord showed me the other day. I was reading the passage about Jesus appearing to Mary Magdelene after his death. She didn't recognize him until he turned to look at her and quietly, tenderly said her name "Mary." And her eyes were opened at the sound of his voice saying her name with such love. Mmmm...Yes, I think that is exactly how He felt... ;) And still does, every time we turn to Him...

(That's become my intercessory prayer lately too...that those I pray for who don't know Him yet will hear him tenderly calling their name...)

At 3/06/2006 10:15 AM, Blogger Standing_Firm had this to say ...

thank you

At 3/07/2006 7:48 AM, Blogger Macromoments had this to say ...

When he stokes the fire, he strokes the cat.

Sometimes God turns up the heat to teach us in the only way we'll listen. Those are the lessons that stick.

This is good writing, Shannon. I love how you weave truths like that into your everyday work. (By the way, when's the next book due out?)

At 3/07/2006 8:10 AM, Blogger Jimmy had this to say ...

Thanks, Shannon, for a very comforting illustration. Things are in upheaval in my world right now and I have to keep reminding myself that my Heavenly Father is always there to rescue and comfort me. Your writing came on a day when I needed it most...the first day of my Dad's chemotherapy.

At 3/07/2006 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous had this to say ...

Well, how do I say this? You either have to quit blogging or I have to quit reading your blog. It just doesn't seem right for a cowboy to cry. :') As usual, Shannon, God uses you to touch the hearts of others. God bless.

At 3/09/2006 6:27 AM, Blogger Gina Burgess had this to say ...

Thank you! How precious to tenderly God looks at me after rescuing me. I was greatly blessed today.


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