Monday, January 23, 2006

it's ... a girl!

I planned on giving you the last installment on my mini-series this morning, but yesterday we discovered a new (and unexpected) addition out in the goat barn ... a new kidlet. She's the cutest thing you've ever seen--and just as soon as I get a free minute, I'll take and post a picture. She's the daughter of Blondie, and since she's a smooth mocha color with just one teeny swatch of blonde on her right side (a nod to Mom), it seems appropriate to call her Brownie.

So you won't find me in front of the laptop this morning. Instead, I'll be hovering out in the barn. I pretend I have to be out there to check the hay levels in the slatted bins, change the water, and lay fresh straw ... but the truth is, I just want to be out there with that little five-pound wonder.

Back tomorrow.

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At 1/23/2006 5:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous had this to say ...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Of course, you seem to have fun whatever you do.

So, who does the new kid look like? :)

At 1/23/2006 7:09 PM, Anonymous Lauren had this to say ...

Looking forward to the pic, for sure!


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