Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I already love today.

I woke to the sound of wind chimes, which meant we'd have a blustery morning. There's none better. As I do automatically, every morning, I went in the kitchen to start a pot of coffee, and just as I did so, the wind hit the front porch and squeezed through the cracks in my front door. I have no idea why I love that spooky, haunted-house sound, but I do. It makes me shiver, in the best sort of way. My brother-in-law, who built our house for us three years ago, heard that noise one day while visiting and jumped to his feet. "I can fix that for you," he offered.

"Don't you dare," was my response.

As if starting my day with bluster and howl wasn't delightful enough, I then went and poured just the exact right amount of hazelnut creamer in my coffee cup. I never measure, and I always pour the creamer in first, before the coffee, because that way I don't have to dirty a spoon. It's a hit-or-miss operation, generally, but today I hit it dead-on. You should try a sip.

This day will only get better. Sometime this afternoon, I'm going to pack up my laptop and head to the livestock auction. I'm writing the second to the last chapter of my book today, and it happens to center on a conversation I overheard at the auction a few years ago. So I need to put myself back in that place and soak in all the noises and odors. I can almost conjure that earthy smell right now, but I don't want to deprive myself of the actual pleasure, so I'm going.

Going to the auction, to me, is like taking a trip to my childhood. I went frequently with my grandfather back then, and I believe some of these cattle men--the big wigs, the ones who sit in the first interior ring with their feet up on the arena railings and their names burned into wood plaques behind their chairs--are the same cronies my grandfather swapped howdies with back then.

I don't have a first-ring seat, of course. I'll perch up near the top, where I can watch the kids begging for a cone from the auction cafe, watch the livestock-handlers try to keep their feet out of the path of stomping, irritated cows, watch the anxiety grow as people outbid each other for the healthiest goats.

I could almost make myself believe I was ten again, and sitting with my grandpa, except these overall-clad farmers have a cell phone in their front pocket and a double-tall latte in their hands. Other than that, it's 1971.

I always think of those lattes when I'm heading out to the auction, and it triggers a hankering in me. No need to fight a thing like that, so I'll stop at the Starbucks on my way and pick up a cup.

Who could ask for more? Bluster, howl, memory lane, and two cups of perfect coffee. I am one contented woman.

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At 4/05/2005 11:40 AM, Blogger Monica had this to say ...

Shannon, a mutual Canadian blogger friend encouraged me to come to your blog. He said we have a lot in common.
As I read today's post, I was so enchanted. He's right. I love hazelnut creamer, first in, never measured.
LOL-I'm by no means a pastor's wife but my childhood sweetheart who gave me my very first proposal at the age of 7 (Remembering Del-Dec 2004 archives), is now a preacher in West Virginia.
I have budgeted to buy your book this month as a birthday present to myself (along with finally meeting Sharon Randall and taking golf lessons).
And I intend to send an email to Joe to thank him for "introducing" me to your blog.

At 4/05/2005 12:37 PM, Blogger ddddddddddddddddddddd had this to say ...

You two are so wonderful. As I said in my reply to Monica's email, the first thing I do after checking my site for new comments is dash to your sites to see if there are new posts. I absolutely love how both of you write. It fills my soul with great big waves of happiness and love. SO a big thank you to both of you, Monica and Shannon. Big hugs to ya.

At 4/05/2005 5:32 PM, Blogger shannon had this to say ...

Well, thanks to you both! Monica, I tried to reply to your comment yesteday, but blogger got buggy. I was gritting my teeth all night. :) Thanks for all your encouragement--and I'm looking forward to budgeting for YOUR book! Sounds wonderful.

Joe--you're a blessing. :)

At 4/05/2005 6:31 PM, Blogger Maurice had this to say ...

Contentment is such a great thing! Thanks for the personal reminder. :)

At 4/05/2005 10:58 PM, Blogger Rebecca had this to say ...

I pour my coffee just the same way and for the same reason - not to dirty a spoon! Funny :)

At 4/06/2005 4:41 AM, Anonymous Sharon Goemaere had this to say ...

Shannon!! :-)
(((HUGS)))We are kindred spirits lady!LOLI LOVE the sound of wind whistling through cracks in the front door of our(new in June of 2003)duplex.Initially the apparently poor construction bothered me.But not since the recent string of very windy days.I feel as if I live on the prairie some days as the wind whistles and howls(especially in the early morning hours!).We've had loads of wind lately and I have LOVED it.Somehow it gives me a contented feeling too.Lately many of my days have started off with me up early making DH Steve's coffee(hate the stuff myself)as he sleeps.The house is all quiet except for the lovely sounds of my windchimes AND wind whistling through my front door cracks!What bliss!!I have always loved the wind.In winter as it blows our much too occasional snow around or in summer to cool us down on a hot day or in spring as it sends the scent of cherry blossoms wafting past our noses(aaahhhh :-))or in autumn as it sends leaves scurrying by.Thanks for sharing this.I have had many contented days lately.Contentment is such an awesome thing,is'nt it?Have a blessed day Shannon.:-)


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